Weight Loss Motivation, What Is Your Reason?

weight loss motivation

When your problem isn’t weight loss motivation, but a lack of reason

Will-power, motivation, drive and even patience are qualities which are thought to be required when trying to lose inches or pounds. But, it turns out, weight loss motivation is not fundamental in nature. It has a basic that lies beneath, without which, no weight will ever come off, not matter the effort. For a reason to lose weight trumps will power any day. Any strategy for losing weight can be accomplished when done for the right reasons – your personal reason.

Have you ever been motivated to do anything?

Certainly at some point of your life you have been motivated to do something. But was it really the “doing” of that something that kept you going or was there a goal in sight that you really wanted? Most often it is the outcome a person is looking for, a very specific one, that is a desirable state or condition in which to end up. Here is a real-life factor, obvious in everyday life, which, for some reason, gets forgotten when it comes to reducing weight, cutting fat or losing inches. Weight loss motivation commonly lacks purpose.

Is your reason specific enough?

Ask practically any weight loss coach and you will find motivation requires minute specificity. It is not, apparently, enough to say “I want to be thin” or “slim down” to actually accomplish it. Witness a bride who wants to fit into the dress for that big day, who ruthlessly follows a diet plan to the letter and pulls it off on the big day, only to gain the weight back after the wedding. Two lessons can be learned: You can make it when you have a specific purpose and won’t when you don’t.

Extending longevity of weight loss motivation by setting a longer-term goal

What is the problem with setting weight loss goals such as fitting into a wedding dress for a few hours of one day? Essentially nothing is wrong with it, however, it only goes so far. You are looking here at, perhaps, a year’s worth of time leading up to the event and no reason thereafter to continue. The most vital part of such goals is often neglected: setting a new goal. In lieu of this, setting a longer-term goal than just one event or brief period of life would be in order. Goals such as, “to become a 10K race runner” is a continuous goal that would require constantly remaining in shape. It has to be something that would instill weight loss motivation. This is only something you lack if you also lack a goal. Of course, this is subject to personal consideration of what shortsighted is.

What is your weight loss motivation?

The best way to lose weight is to start with a goal, make it specific and include for reasons to stay at your ideal weight and level of fitness. Key would be that it accompanies other desirable activities. Examining life, career, social or even just-for-fun goals can be just the ticket. Then, choosing the safest, fastest, most effective weight loss methods can skyrocket motivation into the stratoshere.

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