January Is Done But So Are Your Weight Loss Resolutions

weight-loss-januaryAt the end of January, the Holidays and New Year’s Resolutions of weight loss seem a distant memory

That’s it. A month into the New Year and it’s back to the old routine. Sound familiar? Well you’re not alone. In fact only 8 percent of people keep their resolutions, a shockingly small number. Marveling at it does not solve the problem, however, and does little for self-motivation to boot. So what do we do when falling flat on our faces trying to lose weight this time of year? Here are a few things that might help.

Who said you can only make a resolution once and at one time of the year?

Just because New Year’s is “a thing” doesn’t mean it is the only “thing” out there to make you lose weight. Gym and diet plan advertisers instinctively know, statistically, you are more likely to fail at your weight loss goals set at New Year’s and so beef up their advertising around the holidays and for the first few weeks in January. Then they back off. This doesn’t help.

Who says you have to go with the trend? You can actually make and reaffirm resolutions as much as you like. Making a resolution at the end of January is just as important, if not more, than making that one at the first of the year. Reaffirming or modifying your goal and continuing to pursue it regardless of failure is the key to success. Failure only occurs when you decide there are no more chances. But when losing weight, your chances are unlimited! Count down to midnight Jan 31st and the last day of every month after and start the first of each month with a new resolution. Changing your mindset is key. And, you can even get help doing that!

Start weight loss with small steps and build from there

Leftover turkey from holiday bliss may be beyond cold, but you don’t have to go cold turkey on your efforts to drop those pounds. Making one adjustment at a time, increments of health can be restored. Start with cutting down on bad foods or, if that is to steep a change, start by adding nutritious whole foods to your existing diet. You may find that your cravings for junk will decrease the more you do this. Getting in good sleep habits will boost fat burning efforts too. This can be as simple as insisting on 8 hours of sleep each night. Make one change and make it a successful one. Then build on it with the next, and so on.

Get fast results the healthiest way you can

Let’s face it, weight loss is a real drag when, initially, you don;t lose weight. The momentum builds not just from any result, but observable, measurable ones. Fitting into that next size down or that pair of jeans you couldn’t button last month is a great example. Receiving LipoLaser LED treatments is an example of a fast-results, inch-loss method. While something like this is not a long-term solution, it can sure get those quick results that make you want to take that healthy diet to full term and permanent habit status!

Having pain can stop weight loss

Many people have no idea about the fact that having pain can halt weight loss. This has to do with the production of hormones that help reduce inflammation and pain but induce fat production. So, while being in pain might not make you fat necessarily (though it can) it may be keeping you that way. Visiting a chiropractor and addressing the pain directly can be just the ticket to jumpstarting that weight loss.

Fell flat on your face? Don’t just lie there…get up!

The bottom line to failed weight loss at the end of January, or any time of year for that matter, is that, just because it didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t. You get unlimited do-overs. Your persistence in the face of this is key to losing weight. From having your own personal “New Year’s” each month to getting out of pain, there is much you can do to succeed where it hasn’t been possible before.

At Ideal Health and Wellness Center, we take a multi-faceted approach to weight loss goals and resolutions. By consulting your goals and doing a full examination, we make a determination of the exact barriers you have to losing weight. Then, Dr Marghella prescribes treatment recommendations. These may include things you can do on your own, body detox methods and even fast-acting LipoLaser LED treatments to melt fat at the source and get the quick results that keep you motivated and on track with the rest of the diet campaign.In fact, we even offer a new technology that will help you change your motivation and the way you think about health.

Call (615) 567-6683 now for a consultation and recommendations for your most successful route to your weight loss and fitness goals. Find out what all the buzz is about from the successes so far. You just might make it this time with the right support from a program that works!

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